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  • Malvern releases new guidance on the use of automated imaging for agglomerate detection November 12 2014 - Ref No: PR2884 Agglomerates are formed through the adhesion or cohesion of smaller primary particles. They can have serious implications for product performance, value and, in the case of pharmaceutical products, safety. Any tendency towards agglomeration must therefore be thoroughly investigated during product development, controlled during manufacture and checked in final product QC. Read more
  • LPW Technology invests in Malvern systems to measure performance-defining properties of AM powders November 12 2014 - Ref No: PR3027 Particle characterization systems from Malvern Instruments are helping LPW Technology, a UK-based global supplier of metal powders, to provide certified powders for additive manufacturing (AM) applications in the aerospace, automotive and biomedical sectors. Read more
  • Perfecting printing ink performance November 5 2014 - Ref No: PR3020 Analytical systems from Malvern Instruments are now used routinely to advance inkjet formulation at Domino Printing Sciences plc in the UK, one of the world’s leading printing technology companies. Malvern’s Viscotek TDAmax, Zetasizer Nano and m-VROCi systems deliver the essential molecular weight, structure, particle size and rheological information used by formulation scientists in the development of today’s high-performance inkjet inks. Read more
  • Malvern Instruments Zetasizer Nano plays key role in research to develop 3D cell cultures November 3 2014 - Ref No: PR2964 Researchers at the School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University London (QMUL), are using a Malvern Instruments Zetasizer Nano to provide particle size and charge data that is being used in the development of innovative hydrogel matrices for 3D cell culture. Read more
  • New Mastersizer 3000 Hydro SV reduces sample volume for particle size analysis to just a few milliliters October 28 2014 - Ref No: PR3002 The ability to measure small samples sizes becomes crucial when sample availability prevents the use of larger amounts of material. This is especially true during early stage product development, for example. By minimizing sample and dispersant use the Hydro SV also reduces the development, purchase and disposal costs associated with routine analysis. Read more
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