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Process integrators

Malvern process solutions transform the efficiency of particulate processing operations across a diverse range of industrial sectors. The common factor is that timely, automated particle size analysis is the key to:

  • Greater product consistency.
  • Lower variables costs.
  • Higher equipment utilization.
  • Automated process control.

In order to engineer for individual needs, we work closely with our customers, providing the necessary support and expertise, as and when it’s needed. This ensures efficient and successful project implementation. We help optimize process solutions in collaborative projects and routinely work with specialist suppliers and trusted partners to produce the very best process analysis, automation and control. World leading companies including:

  • Outotec to ensure a robust, reliable interface that automatically samples the process accurately and representatively.
  • International Innovative Technologies Ltd. (IIT) and Sturtevant Inc. to deliver fully integrated, automated milling solutions.
  • Parsum GmbH to provide particle sizing solutions for granulation monitoring and control.
  • SDTech to prove the benefits and push the boundaries of what our technology can deliver and illustrate the value of consultative support.

Together we deliver smart technology, engineered to deliver maximum return for the broadest range of particle sizing and process control applications.


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Sieve less, see more! In-line particle sizing improves process control Webinar - Live (English)

Sieve analysis is one of the oldest techniques for evaluating granule size and even today is employed widely in quality control across variety of industries including pharmaceutics, despite being gradually replaced by more modern methods such as lase...

February 23 2016

Adhesion and cohesion Webinar - Recorded (English)

The basis of agglomeration and aggregation is the attraction that particles and particle groups have for one another. We'll outline the various forms of atttaction (van de Waals, capillary etc ) and thus show how a gecko can walk on the ceiling.

Mastersizer range
Date recorded:
November 3 2015

In pursuit of perfect packing Webinar - Recorded (English)

The mechanical properties of materials such as concrete, metal powders, and ceramics are governed by how well we can pack the different sizes and shapes of particle. We'll look at this intractable problem providing an overview of theoretical and prac...

Date recorded:
October 21 2015

In-line PSA streamlines fuel filter testing (ISO16332) Webinar - Recorded (English)

Large amounts of testing is being performed to optimise the efficiency of oil / water separators in diesel engines. The filters remove any solid components (rust, paint chips) that may cause wear on the engine as well as undissolved water (that will ...

Mastersizer 3000,Insitec range,Spraytec
Date recorded:
September 16 2015

The optimization and scale up of high shear granulation: exploring the benefits of real-time particle sizing Article (English)

This article explains how a Parsum probe was used to monitor a granulation at three different scales to confirm that, in each case, the granules produced were the same size, and more importantly produced tablets of identical quality as quantified by ...

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Sieve less, see more! In-line particle sizing improves process control
(February 23 2016)

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