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In addition to physical characteristics such as particle size and shape, the chemical identity of particulates can be important for a number of applications such as;

  • Component specific particle characterization for particle mixtures e.g. inhaled pharmaceutical medicines.
  • Identification of contaminant or outlier particles in production samples.
  • Forensic investigation of unknown particulate samples.

Malvern Instruments have developed advanced instrumentation for the chemical identification of particulate samples combining the high resolution size and shape information from automated imaging with the high chemical specificity of Raman spectroscopy.

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Morphologi G3-ID Automated measurement of particle size, shape and chemical identity. Image
Particle shape, Particle size, Chemical identification
Particle size range
1µm to 1000µm
Image analysis, Raman spectroscopy
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Component Characterization of Cements using Morphologi G3-ID Application Note (English)

Using the Morphologi G3-ID, the particle size and shape distributions for individual cement componets can be measured within cement blends, aiding understanding of how different cement types perform during development and production.

Keywords: Powders and granules English Application Note Chemical identification Particle shape Particle size Image analysis Raman spectroscopy Cement Morphologi G3-ID 

Identify, quantify & characterize adulterants and diluents in illicit drugs using Morphologi G3-ID Application Note (English)

The Morphologi G3-ID provides, by automatically quantifying, the percent of each chemical, both active and diluent, a robust “fingerprint” of the illicit drug sample, that can potentially be used to link a street drug seizure back to the ...

Keywords: English Application Note Chemical identification Particle shape Particle size Raman spectroscopy Morphologi G3-ID 

Reverse engineering of a pharmaceutical formulation using the Morphologi G3-ID Application Note (English)

The Morphol;ogi G3-ID can be used to generate component-specific particle size and shape data required to aid the reverse engineering of solid oral dose formulations. Here, we provide an example case study for a powder formulation.

Keywords: Powders and granules English Application Note Chemical identification Particle shape Particle size Image analysis Raman spectroscopy Morphologi G3-ID 

A Winning Combination Article (English)

Automated image analysis has been combined with Raman spectroscopy to achieve component-specific size and shape analysis of active ingredients, supporting and accelerating the commercialisation of both innovator and generic pharmaceutical products.

Keywords: English Article Chemical identification Particle shape Particle size Image analysis Raman spectroscopy Pharmaceutical formulation and development Pharmaceutical manufacturing Active pharmaceutical ingredient Oral solid dose Orally inhaled and nasal drug products Morphologi G3-ID 

Light scattering techniques support formulation development Article (English)

Researchers at Novozymes pharma and Malvern Instruments show how light scattering techniques benefit the study of the stability of human albumins. The studies involve the new Zetasizer ZSP and APS, Viscotek SEC systems, and the Morphology G3-ID

Keywords: English Article Morphologi G3 Chemical identification Molecular size Molecular weight Zeta potential Dynamic Light Scattering Electrophoretic Light Scattering Gel Permeation Chromatography Raman spectroscopy Size Exclusion Chromatography Zetasizer APS Zetasizer Nano range Proteins Microrheology Bioformulation development Viscotek systems Viscotek detectors Morphologi G3-ID 
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