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Malvern’s systems support two fundamental ways of measuring the molecular weight of polymers and proteins in solution.

Measuring molecular weight using static light scattering (SLS)

In this technique the total amount of light scattered by the sample is measured by a sensitive detector at a particular scattering angle.

  • No calibration is required, so the result is an absolute value.
  • Detectors are available for SEC/GPC to give true molecular weight distributions.
  • A cuvette based system such as the Zetasizer µV or the Zetasizer Nano series can be used to give a weight average molecular weight.

Measuring molecular weight using dynamic light scattering (DLS)

This technique measures the size of the molecule, and converts this to an estimated molecular weight using a selected model such as protein, dendrimer or linear polymer for example.

  • Very small volumes of sample are required, as little as 2µL.
  • The measurement is very fast, a couple of minutes per measurement.

A molecular weight distribution can be calculated, although separations of oligomers, e.g. monomer – dimer - trimer are not possible.

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Polymer solution characterization - Part 1. "Absolute" molecular weight - fact or fiction? Webinar - Recorded (English)

The measurement of the "absolute" molecular weight (or molar mass) of polymers and proteins is often mentioned and referenced but what does it mean? This talk will present a summary of the solution techniques available for measurement of ...

Date recorded:
April 10 2014

Keywords: Polymer solutions English Molecular weight Bulk (commodity) polymers Engineering polymers Rubbers and elastomers Polymers from renewable sources Specialty and novel polymers Polymer recycling Webinar - Recorded Eastern Time Polyolefins 

Ensuring Accurate and Repeatable measurement of proteins using the Zetasizer APS Application Note (English)

In this application note, well known protein samples were used in a cross-contamination test to investigate the accuracy and repeatability of the Zetasizer APS dynamic light scattering (DLS) system.

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Minimising cross-contamination during automated protein analysis Application Note (English)

In this application note, well known protein samples were analyzed in well plates using the Zetasizer APS. The data collected demonstrates that there was no detectable cross-contamination of the samples.

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Investigating the Molecular Weight and Structure of Linear and Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid by SEC-MALS and SEC-Triple Detection Article (English)

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From the applications laboratory: Using GPC/SEC to analyze elastomers Webinar - Recorded (English)

This webinar presents examples of GPC/SEC analysis of various elastomer chemistries and highlights the physical characterization information provided by this technique.

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