Malvern Instruments develops and manufactures analytical instruments that enable you to understand your materials. Reliable data enables scientists, researchers and engineers to evolve formulations and processes with confidence. Our products guide research and product development, manage and control manufacturing quality, and optimize output.

Whatever your application, Malvern has the systems, support and industry expertise to deliver time and cost savings to your development and manufacturing processes now and into the future.


Particle Metrology System


Industry standard Asphalt binder grade testing

Insitec range

Robust, reliable, real-time particle sizing

Kinexus range

Next generation rheometer redefines ease of use

Mastersizer range

World’s most widely used particle size analyzers.

MicroCal range

Microcalorimeters for characterization of biomolecular stability and interactions
MicroCal Range

Morphologi range

Advanced particle characterization.

NanoSight range

Characterizing Nanoparticles: Visualizing, Sizing and Concentration
NanoSight range - measurement of exosomes, nanoparticles and protein aggregation

OMNISEC system

The world’s most advanced multi-detector GPC/SEC system
molecular weight, molecular size, molecular structure, intrinsic viscosity by size exclusion chromatography with OMNISEC

Parsum range

Inline probe that uses spatial filter velocimetry for particle size measurement.

Rosand range

Capillary rheometers for process-relevant material testing.


Spray particle and spray droplet size measurement.

Sysmex FPIA3000

Rapid particle size and shape analysis of suspensions

Viscosizer TD

Automating ultra-low volume Taylor Dispersion Analysis

Viscotek range

The leading multi-detector GPC/SEC systems and detectors.
molecular weight, molecular size, molecular structure, intrinsic viscosity by gel permeation chromatography with Viscotek

Zetasizer Range

The world's most widely used system for nanoparticle, colloid and protein size, zeta potential and molecular weight measurements.
Zetasizer range - particle size, dynamic light scattering, zeta potential, protein aggregation

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