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The Morphologi G3 provides an advanced yet easy to use particle characterization tool for the measurement of particle size and particle shape from 0.5 microns to several millimeters. In one instrument it offers the flexibility required for R&D and troubleshooting applications, and user-independent results and the validation required for automated QC analysis. The technique is often used in conjunction with laser diffraction particle sizing, to gain a deeper understanding of product or process behavior.


The Morphologi G3 measures the size and shape of particles using the technique of static image analysis. Fully automated and with integrated dry sample preparation makes it the ideal replacement for costly and time-consuming manual microscopy measurements.

  • Automated SOP control for unattended operation and reproducible results boosting productivity
  • Excellent quality microscope images ensuring accurate characterization
  • Integrated dry powder dispersion with accurate dispersion energy control automates sample preparation for repeatable and reproducible measurements of both fragile and robust materials
  • Advanced manual microscope control mode providing increased value as a shared laboratory resource
  • Rapid automatic particle counting on membrane filters
  • Powerful and intuitive software interface making both visual and statistical interpretation of your data easier than ever. 

How it works

The Morphologi G3 measures the size and shape of particles by the technique of static image analysis. There are three essential stages in the measurement process;

  • Sample preparation and dispersion
    This step is critical to getting good results; spatial separation of individual particles and agglomerates is the goal. The Morphologi G3SE has an integrated dry powder disperser which makes preparing dry powder samples easy and reproducible. The applied dispersion energy can be precisely controlled, enabling the measurement process to be optimised for a range of material types. Dispersion is achieved without explosively shocking the particles, avoiding the damage of fragile particles while ensuring strongly agglomerated materials are dispersed. Effective dispersion of fibres can also be achieved.
  • Image capture
    The instrument captures images of individual particles by scanning the sample underneath the microscope optics, while keeping the particles in focus. The Morphologi G3 can illuminate the sample from below or above, while accurately controlling the light levels. Polarizing optics can be used to study birefringent materials.
  • Data analysis
    The instrument measures a range of morphological properties for each particle. Advanced graphing and data classification options in the software ensure that extracting the relevant data from your measurement is as straightforward as possible, via an intuitive visual interface. Individually stored grayscale images for each particle provide qualitative verification of the quantitative results. 



Static automated imaging
Particle size:
0.5 µm – 1000 µm* (upper limit may be extended up to 10mm for some applications*)
Particle properties measured:
Size, shape, transparency, count, location,
Particle size parameters:
Circle equivalent (CE) diameter, length, width, perimeter, area, max distance, sphere equivalent (SE) volume, fiber total length, fiber width
Particle shape parameters:
Aspect ratio, circularity, convexity, elongation, high sensitivity (HS) circularity, solidity fiber elongation, fiber straightness
Particle transparency parameters:
Intensity mean, intensity standard deviation
Integrated Sample Dispersion Unit option (Morphologi G3SE only):
For fully automated dispersion and measurement of dry powders. Manual or SOP control of the dispersion pressure, injection time and sample settling time.
Dispersion mechanism:
Sample entrainment, leading to particle shear and particle impaction.
Dispersion pressure range:
0.5 – 5 bar
Dispersion pressure precision:
0.1 bar increments
Injection time range:
Sample Settling time:
Sample presentation options:
4 slide holder for standard microscope slides 2 slide holder for large microscope slides Large glass plate for integrated dry powder dispersion option Wet cell for large particles in suspension 25mm and 47mm dia. holders for membrane filters
Light source:
White light, brightfield diascopic and episcopic, darkfield episcopic Polarizer/analyser and DIC contrast enhancement options
5M pixel 2592 x 1944 colour CCD array pixel size 2.78 mm x 2.78 mm
Optical system:
Nikon CFI 60 brightfield/darkfield system
2.5x: 13µm – 1000µm (nominal) 5x: 6.5µm – 420µm (nominal) 10x: 3.5µm – 210µm (nominal) 20x: 1.75µm – 100µm (nominal) 50x: 0.5µm – 40µm (nominal)

Weight and dimensions:

Dimensions (W, D, H):
Dimensions: 440mm x 760mm x 700mm
80 kg approx.

Operating environment:

100-240 V ac 50/60 Hz 5.0 A
Operating temperature (°C):
+10 to +40°C (+50 to 95°F)
Storage temperature:
-20 to +50°C (-104 to +122°F)
0–95%, non-condensing
Regulatory testing:


Sample and sample substrate dependent

Latest software update

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When you purchase a Malvern product we understand that this is just the first stage of a working relationship that will last for the lifetime of the instrument. Some customers just need to ask an occasional question or to download a software upgrade, whilst others require a comprehensive support contract with priority call out and fixed cost of ownership. Whatever your situation Malvern will provide the right support for you.

Help Desk

  • Telephone and email support.
  • Operators who take responsibility for your call and ensure your query is answered. 


  • On Site training courses
  • Classroom training
  • E-learning

Resource center

  • Application notes
  • Technical notes
  • On demand presentations
  • Live webinars

Software downloads

  • A simple mechanism for receiving updates and new features

Platinum and Gold Service Contracts

  • Protection from the cost of downtime
  • No time lost in obtaining help when you need it
  • Fixed cost of ownership

Bronze Service Agreements

  • Protect the value of your investment
  • Reduce the risk of downtime
  • Protect the validity of your data

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