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The Malvern NanoSight LM10 instrument provides an easy-to-use, reproducible platform for nanoparticle characterization.

The LM10 allows rapid and accurate analysis of the size distribution and concentration of all types of nanoparticles from 10nm to 2000nm in diameter, depending on the instrument configuration and sample type.


The Malvern NanoSight LM10 is a highly flexible and robust instrument that can be upgraded at any time to fit the changing needs of both routine testing and research laboratories.

  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple characteristics saving time and sample volume.
  • Visual validation of results gives extra confidence.
  • User friendly software with easy set up of SOPs for routine use.
  • Minimal sample preparation.
  • Choice of standard or high sensitivity camera.
  • Choice of sample chamber with or without temperature control.
  • Choice of interchangeable laser blocks and wavelengths.

How it works

The Malvern NanoSight LM10 uses the technology of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA). This unique technology utilizes the properties of both light scattering and Brownian motion in order to obtain the size distribution and concentration measurement of particles in liquid suspension. A laser beam is passed through the sample chamber, and the particles in suspension in the path of this beam scatter light in such a manner that they can easily be visualized via a 20x magnification microscope onto which is mounted a camera. The camera operates at 30 frames per second (fps), capturing a video file of the particles moving under Brownian motion. The software tracks many particles individually and using the Stokes-Einstein equation calculates their hydrodynamic diameters.



405nm (violet), 488nm (blue), 532nm (green) or 642nm (red).
Temperature control range:
Optional (5°C below ambient to 55°C).
Manual stage.
Manual focus.
Manual push/pull filter holder with 2 filters.
Dimensions (W, D, H):
420mm x 200mm x 260mm.
Particle size:
10nm to 2000nm.
Concentration range:
106 to 109 particles per mL.
110V - 220V

Latest software update

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NanoSight LM10

NanoSight syringe pump Image The Malvern NanoSight syringe pump is available for all Malvern NanoSight systems, enabling users to perform sample analysis at a constant flow rate. More information


When you purchase a Malvern product we understand that this is just the first stage of a working relationship that will last for the lifetime of the instrument. Some customers just need to ask an occasional question or to download a software upgrade, whilst others require a comprehensive support contract with priority call out and fixed cost of ownership. Whatever your situation Malvern will provide the right support for you.

Help Desk

  • Telephone and email support.
  • Operators who take responsibility for your call and ensure your query is answered. 


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  • A simple mechanism for receiving updates and new features

Platinum and Gold Service Contracts

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  • No time lost in obtaining help when you need it
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  • Reduce the risk of downtime
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NTA: Exosomes and Microvesicles - General Whitepaper (English)

The need to characterize different properties of nanomaterials continues to grow rapidly. Since the commercialization of the technique in 2004, Nanoparticle tracking Analysis (NTA) has become increasingly prevalent in a wide variety of different rese...

Keywords: English Whitepaper Particle concentration Particle size NanoSight NS500 NanoSight NS300 NanoSight LM10 Exosomes and microvesicles Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Fluorescence detection 

Virus, Vaccine, and VLP characterization with NTA Webinar - Live (English)

During this webinar, we will introduce the Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) technique and discuss how it can provide a range of useful characterization information for virus, vaccine and virus-like particle (VLP) applications. More than a simple ...

NanoSight range
May 7 2015

Keywords: English Particle concentration Particle size Viruses and vaccines Webinar - Live Eastern Time Pharmaceutical development NanoSight range Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Fluorescence detection 

NanoSight NTA 3.1 Software Release Webinar - Recorded (English)

NTA 3.1 is an exciting new development building on the NTA 3.0 platform that Malvern is offering to all users for free. It significantly improves ease-of-use, flexibility and performance through automation, new features, refinements and optimisations...

NanoSight LM10,NanoSight NS300,NanoSight NS500
Date recorded:
March 26 2015

Keywords: English Webinar - Recorded Eastern Time NanoSight NS500 NanoSight NS300 NanoSight LM10 Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis 

A fantastic voyage through the arena of nanoparticle drug delivery Webinar - Recorded (English)

The use of nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles has seen a large amount of research and investment over the last decade as they have the potential for great benefits in the targeting and efficacy of drug treatments. The interest in them is largely...

Zetasizer range,Archimedes,NanoSight range
Date recorded:
March 18 2015

Keywords: English Zetasizer range Dynamic Light Scattering Webinar - Recorded Eastern Time Resonant mass measurement Archimedes NanoSight range Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis 

NanoSight LM14 user manual (English) User Manual (English)

User manual for the NanoSight LM14 instrument

Keywords: English User Manual NanoSight LM10 
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Virus, Vaccine, and VLP characterization with NTA
(May 7 2015)

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