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The Viscotek HT-GPC is a complete GPC system designed specifically for the molecular weight and structure characterization of polyolefins, with no bulk filtration of sample, and with the ability to handle other polymers, such as polythiophene, PEEK and PVF that require temperatures from approximately 100°C up to 160°C to stay in solution.


The HT-GPC system includes a high temperature RI, for use as a concentration detector, a light scattering detector for absolute molecular weight determination and a viscometer for intrinsic viscosity determination and branching. All of these detectors are optionally so the system can be customized to conventional and universal calibration systems. It also features a temperature controlled column chamber and automated filtering of the sample at high temperature, to ensure safe handling.

  • Dual piston pump optimized for HT-GPC, with extremely low pulsation and stable eluent flow to improve detector performance.
  • Temperature controlled environment for up to 7 columns, injector and up to three detectors. Operates up to 160°C
  • Automated sample preparation using the Vortex autoprep/autosampler. Operates up to 170°C with no user intervention, making the system safe, accurate and productive.
  • Automated sample filtration reduces the number of preparation steps - only the sample injected on the column is filtered, which avoids bulk filtration and improves lab safety (no manual handling of hot solvents).
  • High sensitivity viscometer, with unrivalled baseline stability and the widest application flexibility.
  • Digital Inert Transducer (DIT) technology for faster, more sensitive response.
  • Unique 7° Low Angle (LALS) detector measures the absolute MW directly without data fitting, extrapolation or correction.
  • 90° Right Angle (RALS) detector provides the best signal to noise ratio and the highest sensitivity for small molecules.
  • Accurate measurement of the polymer concentration using a refractive index detector.

How it works

The HT-GPC pump passes mobile phase through the GPC/SEC chromatography columns, following by the injector. After injection, the sample is filtered through a self-cleaning filter before flowing to the columns. The columns are maintained at the same temperature as the injector and detectors. After eluting from the column, the dissolved polymer molecules, now separated by size, enter the light scattering and RI detectors. Light scattering detection is used to determine the absolute molecular weight of the sample, and refractive index detection is used to measure its concentration.

Finally, the sample passes through the viscometer for intrinsic viscosity determination and branching and then on to waste.


Component 1

Oven/Detector module
Temperature control range:
30°C to 160°C all detector cells and columns
Column capacity:
Up to 7 standard 30cm GPC/SEC columns
6 channel digital interface to OmniSEC software
2 analog inputs for auxiliary detectors
Dimensions (W, D, H):
61cm x 49cm x 56cm

Component 2

Vortex Autosampler
30 vials, 40mL
Temperature range:
30°C to 170°C
Stirrer speed:
Variable, 0 - 300 rpm
Sample filtering:
Automatic self-cleaning in-line sample filtration
Sample preparation:
Optional semi-automated sample preparation
Dimensions (W, D, H):
31cm x 31cm x 60cm

Component 3

Two channels, 8mL per channel
<0.5ppm oxygen at 0.5mL/min

Component 4

Pump flow rate:
0.01 to 9.99mL/min
Less than 1% (measured with viscometer)
Pressure reading:
MPa or PSI
Soft start/stop:
User programmable in mL/min/min

Detector 1

Light scattering detector
Measurement principle:
RALS, 90° angle; LALS, 7° angle, with high efficiency optics
Light source:
Temperature controlled laser diode, 10mW, 660nm
Cell volume:
Data acquisition rate:
100Hz collection, DSP with 5Hz to OmniSEC

Detector 2

Measurement principle:
4 capillary differential Wheatstone bridge configuration
Digital Inert Transducer technology with over-pressure protection
Measuring volume:
3 modes, manual, automatic and programmable
Data acquisition rate:
100Hz collection, DSP with 5Hz to OmniSEC

Detector 3

Differential refractive index detector
Measurement principle:
Light source:
LED, 660nm
Cell volume:
45° quartz glass, 12µL volume
3 modes, manual, automatic and programmable
Data acquisition rate:
100Hz collection, DSP with 5Hz to OmniSEC


Laser safety:
Class 1
OmniSEC, 6 channels at 5Hz, unlimited acquisition time

Operating environment

22°C - 40°C (Mobile phase (typically Phenol-TCB) must not be allowed to freeze in the system)
35% - 80% non-condensing


Viscotek HT-GPC

GPC Pump Modular dual piston, isocratic pump optimized for GPC/SEC measurements Image The Viscotek GPC pump is a modular dual piston, isocratic pump optimized for GPC/SEC measurements. More information
Vortex Autosampler Heated autosampler for the Viscotek HT-GPC Image The Vortex autosampler is a high-temperature autosampler to be used in conjunction with Viscotek HT-GPC system More information


When you purchase a Malvern product we understand that this is just the first stage of a working relationship that will last for the lifetime of the instrument. Some customers just need to ask an occasional question or to download a software upgrade, whilst others require a comprehensive support contract with priority call out and fixed cost of ownership. Whatever your situation Malvern will provide the right support for you.

Help Desk

  • Telephone and email support.
  • Operators who take responsibility for your call and ensure your query is answered.


  • On Site training courses
  • Classroom training
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Resource Centre

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Software Downloads

  • A simple mechanism for receiving updates and new features

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  • Protection from the cost of downtime
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  • Protect the value of your investment
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