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Raman spectroscopy is an established spectroscopic technique for measuring the chemical identity and structure of materials across many industries, including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, minerals and foods.

Raman spectroscopy has a very high chemical specificity and is routinely used to differentiate between different polymorphs of the same compound for example. When used in conjunction with static image analysis it provides a powerful means of measuring the chemical identity of individually dispersed particles within a sample.

Applications of this technique include:

  • Chemically specific particle characterization of ingredients in mixtures
  • Identification of contaminants or outlier particles
  • Quantification of chemical composition in mixtures by particle count.

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Morphologi G3-ID Automated measurement of particle size, shape and chemical identity. Image
Particle shape, Particle size, Chemical identification
Particle size range
1µm to 1000µm
Image analysis, Raman spectroscopy
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Malvern Instruments announces guest presenter for March 18th protein characterization webinar Press Release (English)

Malvern Instruments welcomes Prof. Dr. John F. Carpenter, from the University of Colorado Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, as a guest presenter contributing to the company’s current series of webinars. Professor Carpenter is a ren...

Keywords: English Dynamic Light Scattering Raman spectroscopy Press Release 

Combining dynamic light scattering and raman spectroscopy to achieve new insights into protein stability, aggregation and high order structure Webinar - Recorded (English)

The non-invasive and non-destructive determination of numerous physicochemical properties of protein therapeutics and their aggregates is critical for developing formulation conditions that enhance product efficacy, stability and manufacturability. M...

Date recorded:
March 18 2014

Keywords: English Dynamic Light Scattering Raman spectroscopy Webinar - Recorded Eastern Time Proteins Biological drug characterization and development Bio-formulation development 

Component Characterization of Cements using Morphologi G3-ID Application Note (English)

Using the Morphologi G3-ID, the particle size and shape distributions for individual cement componets can be measured within cement blends, aiding understanding of how different cement types perform during development and production.

Keywords: Powders and granules English Application Note Morphologi G3 Chemical identification Particle shape Particle size Image analysis Raman spectroscopy Cement 

Identify, quantify & characterize adulterants and diluents in illicit drugs using Morphologi G3-ID Application Note (English)

The Morphologi G3-ID provides, by automatically quantifying, the percent of each chemical, both active and diluent, a robust “fingerprint” of the illicit drug sample, that can potentially be used to link a street drug seizure back to the ...

Keywords: English Application Note Chemical identification Particle shape Particle size Raman spectroscopy Morphologi G3-ID 

Reverse engineering of a pharmaceutical formulation using the Morphologi G3-ID Application Note (English)

The Morphol;ogi G3-ID can be used to generate component-specific particle size and shape data required to aid the reverse engineering of solid oral dose formulations. Here, we provide an example case study for a powder formulation.

Keywords: Powders and granules English Application Note Chemical identification Particle shape Particle size Image analysis Raman spectroscopy Morphologi G3-ID 
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