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Resonant mass measurement is a technique used in an innovative way by Archimedes to detect and count sub visible and submicron particles in a sample, and to measure their size and mass and distributions of size and mass. At the heart of Archimedes is a MEMS (micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensor, containing a resonating cantilever with a microfluidic channel embedded in its surface. When a particle of between 50nm - 5µm flows through the fluidic channel, it alters the resonating frequency of the cantilever which indicates the buoyant mass, and also the dry mass and size of the particle.

The sensor is also able to provide information on sample concentration, viscosity, density, and volume, and can detect and measure both negatively and positively buoyant particles within a sample. The detection of positively buoyant particles is extremely useful, for example, to distinguish between protein aggregates and contaminating silicone oil droplets in a biopharmaceutical formulation.

The use of resonant mass measurement by the Archimedes offers the following advantages:

  • Quick, accurate, reproducible and reliable particle counting, and determination of particle mass and size in the 50nm - 5µm range.
  • Mass determination 350ag.
  • Little or no sample preparation required.
  • Minimal sample consumption (100µL).
  • High concentration (109 particles/mL).
  • High viscosity (100 cP).
  • Differentiation between positively and negatively buoyant particles.
  • Fast, NIST-traceable calibration.

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Particle size, Protein aggregation, Particle concentration
Particle size range
0.05µm to 5µm
Resonant mass measurement
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Coriolis Pharma: Subvisible particle characterization by resonant mass measurement (Archimedes) during biopharmaceutical development Webinar - Recorded (English)

The characterization of subvisible particles is highly relevant for the development of biopharmaceuticals to ensure quality and safety of a therapy. The expectations by the authorities are increasing, which makes it necessary to include analytical me...

Date recorded:
September 16 2014

Keywords: Contaminants and foreign particles English Particle concentration Particle size Consumer healthcare Viruses and vaccines Sub-visible particles Webinar - Recorded Greenwich Time Resonant mass measurement Protein aggregation Proteins Biopharmaceutical development Biological drug characterization and development Bioformulation development Archimedes 

Differentiation and characterization of subvisible particulates in therapeutic protein products Application Note (English)

This application note provides an example of how Archimedes can be used to detect and quantify the formation of protein sub-visible particles and the introduction of silicone oil droplets, in response to shear stress.

Keywords: Contaminants and foreign particles English Application Note Particle concentration Particle size Viruses and vaccines Resonant mass measurement Protein aggregation Proteins Biopharmaceutical development Archimedes 

Use of Resonant Mass Measurement in biopharmaceutical development Article (English)

Resonant Mass Measurement technology covers a key size range of 200nm to 5µm for protein aggregation measurement. It requires less than 100µL of sample to give quantitative information on aggregate mass and count

Keywords: English Article Particle size Sub-visible particles Resonant mass measurement Protein aggregation Proteins Biological drug characterization and development Bioformulation development Biopharmaceutical manufacturing Archimedes 

Introducing Archimedes, Particle Metrology system Webinar - Recorded (English)

An introduction to Archimedes, the technique of resonant mass measurement, and how this technology is vital in understanding and monitoring early aggregation events in your biopharmaceutical formulation

Date recorded:
February 18 2013

Keywords: English Webinar - Recorded Greenwich Time Resonant mass measurement Protein aggregation Archimedes 

'Critical to Quality' measurements of protein aggregation in biopharmaceuticals Article (English)

Developing stable formulations of proteins is crucial to successful drug delivery, efficacy and lack of immunogenicity. SEC, DLS and Resonant Mass Measurement techniques provide valuable insight into a proteins behaviour in formulation

Keywords: English Article Molecular size Molecular weight Dynamic Light Scattering Size Exclusion Chromatography Zetasizer Nano range Resonant mass measurement Protein aggregation Proteins Archimedes Viscotek systems 
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