We are pleased to offer our Malvern Further Education program, a unique opportunity to better understand the techniques, theory and practical application of your Mastersizer 3000. 

The purpose of these training courses are to provide a basic framework for new users of the technique to acquire the skill set to: 

  • Understand the basics of the technique and the instrumentation used in the measurement. 

  • Understand how to design an experiment in a systematic and scientific manner to obtain good data. 

  • Understand the basic workings of the software and where to get assistance if necessary. 

  • Understand how to interpret (and reprocess, if necessary) data, the terms on the standard report, and to troubleshoot issues. 

  • Gain a knowledge of what international norms may apply to the technique and other reference material. 

  • Get specific assistance in any application issues.


Measurement type:
Particle size
June 13 2017 - June 14 2017
09:00 - 17:00
(GMT-05:00) Eastern [US & Canada]
United States
Malvern's Westborough Office, 117 Flanders Road, Westborough, Massachusetts, MA, USA, 01581
Event type:
Classroom based training


To enable a more complete understanding of both the technique and the instrumentation, we have developed our training courses to match theory with real-life practical, hands-on work. 

Before Measurement 

  • Objective of your measurement 
  • Theory 
  • Basic instrument layout     
  • Principles of operation       
  • Instrument verification 
  • Terms and definitions 
  • Sample preparation 
  • International Standards 
  • Constants/algorithms  

Practical Work 

  • Measurement of a standard material 
  • Measurement of a real-world material 
  • Method development in practice 
  • Q&A 

During Measurement 

  • Screen layout and windows 
  • What the operator watches 
  • Aborting a measurement 

After Measurement 

  • Markers of result quality 
  • Result interpretation 
  • Troubleshooting/maintenance 
  • Exporting data