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Our call center is busy Monday to Friday, and at certain times call waiting can get high. Our online support system offers a comprehensive resource including articles, application notes, FAQ’s, videos and more. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it can provide a quick and convenient alternative for your product support needs.

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Archimedes Particle Metrology System Image
Particle size, Protein aggregation, Particle concentration
Particle size range
0.05µm to 5µm
Resonant mass measurement
More information
DSR Industry standard Asphalt binder grade testing Image
Rheology and viscosity
Temperature range
5°C to 95°C
Torque range
0.01mNm to 10mNm
Rheometry - rotational
More information
Insitec range Robust, reliable, real-time particle sizing Image
Insitec Dry Insitec Spray Insitec Wet More information
Kinexus range Next generation rheometer redefines ease of use Image
Kinexus ultra+ Kinexus pro+ Kinexus lab+ More information
Mastersizer range World’s most widely used particle size analyzers. Image
Mastersizer 3000 Mastersizer 3000E Mastersizer 2000 More information
MicroCal range Microcalorimeters for characterization of biomolecular stability and interactions MicroCal Range
MicroCal DSC range More information
Morphologi range Advanced particle characterization. Image
Morphologi G3 Morphologi G3ID More information
NanoSight range Visualize and measure nanoparticle size and concentration Image
NanoSight NS300 NanoSight NS500 NanoSight LM10 More information
Parsum range Inline probe that uses spatial filter velocimetry for particle size measurement. Image
Parsum IPP 70-S Parsum IPP 80-P Parsum IPP 70-SL More information
Rosand range Capillary rheometers for process-relevant material testing. Image
Rosand RH2000 Rosand RH7/10 More information
Spraytec Spray particle and spray droplet size measurement. Image
Particle size
Particle size range
0.1µm to 2000µm
Dispersion type
Spray, Dry
Laser diffraction
More information
Sysmex FPIA3000 Rapid particle size and shape analysis of suspensions Image
Particle size, Particle shape
Particle size range
0.8µm to 300µm
Dispersion type
Image analysis
More information
Viscosizer 200 Automating low volume viscosity and size analysis Image
Molecular size, Rheology and viscosity
Particle size range
0.0002µm to 0.1µm
UV area imaging
More information
Viscotek range The leading multi-detector GPC/SEC systems and detectors. Image
Viscotek systems Viscotek detectors More information
Zetasizer Range The worlds most widely used system for nanoparticle, colloid and protein size, zeta potential and molecular weight measurements. Image
Zetasizer Nano Range Zetasizer APS Zetasizer µV Malvern Zetasizer Helix More information


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