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Understanding and Controlling the Rheology of Particulate Dispersions Webinar - Live (English)

Many products (or product precursors) in the paint, personal product, cleaning, coatings product, and food areas, etc., include a large amount of finely divided solid particulate material in a liquid matrix. The amount, shape, size distribution and i...

September 22 2016

Applying complementary particle techniques for assessing comparability and biosimilarity of therapeutic products Webinar - Live (English)

Significant advances have been made in analytical technology for the characterization and identification of particles present in pharmaceutical products. With these advances comes a tremendous amount of new data with which to characterize biologics, ...

Archimedes,Zetasizer range,Viscotek SEC-MALS,Morphologi G3-ID,NanoSight range
September 20 2016

Zeta potential - An important parameter for controlling formulation stability and product performance Webinar - Live (English)

Cosmetics, paints, inks, paper, drug delivery, personal care, food or intra-lipid emulsions are made up of multi component chemistries. Most products go through a stage where different phases co-exist such as emulsions, suspensions or dispersions and...

Zetasizer range
September 8 2016

Simple method for determining stress and strain constants for non-standard measuring systems on a rotational rheometer Poster (English)

There is often a necessity to measure, or at least estimate, true viscosity values using non-standard measuring systems on a rotational rheometer. This may be to replicate a mixing or manufacturing process on a lab scale, to keep a sample dispersed a...

An algebraic approach for determining viscoelastic moduli from creep compliance Poster (English)

DLS Microrheology involves tracking the time dependent motion or mean square displacement of dispersed tracer particles of known size using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) in order to determine viscoelastic properties of the dispersion medium. The vis...

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