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The importance of powder quality in powder bed Additive Manufacturing processes Webinar - Live (English)

Manufacturing of complex metal parts by additive manufacturing is becoming more widespread as it offers greater design flexibility and reduced waste compared with traditional manufacturing processes. For powder based processes the quality of the raw ...

Mastersizer range
November 3 2016

Spraytec Demo at your desk Webinar - Live (English)

This online demo is designed to get you close up and personal with the Spraytec. You will be given an insider's look at the instrument via our lab webcam, and follow the measurement of typical sprays in the Spraytec software. Spray applications ar...

October 27 2016

Controlling the dispersion or flocculation of colloidal suspensions through zeta potential Webinar - Live (English)

Many large scale industrial processes (paper production, water treatment and dewatering processes) require de-stabilization or flocculation of dispersed particulates. For other industries and products such as foods, cosmetics, paints and pharmaceutic...

Zetasizer range
October 20 2016

Archimedes User Manual (English) User Manual (English)

User manual for the Archimedes instrument

Exploring the Value of GPC/SEC in Polysaccharide Characterization Article (English)

A defining feature of polysaccharides, which are used widely as food additives and for certain medical applications, is that they are naturally occurring and consequently prone to inherent variability. In this article we discuss how advanced gel perm...

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