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An introduction to capillary rheometry - Evaluating material properties under process relevant conditions Webinar - Recorded (English)

Capillary rheometry has its origins in polymer melt processing, but is also directly relevant to many other material processes such as high speed coating, suspension processing, and printing applications. The technique enables key rheological...

Rosand range
Date recorded:
August 28 2014

Keywords: English Rosand range Rheology and viscosity Rheometry - capillary Polymers, plastics and rubbers Webinar - Recorded Eastern Time 

Solve stability problems in preformulation and process development using DSC Webinar - Live (English)

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is a technique that is broadly used in the biotherapeutic industry to measure protein stability. It can be used to measure both the intrinsic stability of a protein and the extrinsic stabilization b...

September 26 2014

Keywords: English Webinar - Live Eastern Time Biopharmaceutical development Biological drug characterization and development Biopharmaceutical manufacturing Differential Scanning Calorimetry Microcalorimetry 

Polymer solution characterization – Part 4 Webinar - Live (English)

Polymeric materials are the most studied of all rheological materials and polymeric solutions in particular are perhaps the most interesting. They are ubiquitous in every-day life and play an important role in applications ranging from jo...

September 16 2014

Keywords: English Rheology and viscosity Rheometry - capillary Rheometry - rotational Polymers, plastics and rubbers Webinar - Live Eastern Time Microrheology Rheometry - microfluidic flow 

How to characterize and optimize inkjet inks - Part 1 Webinar - Live (English)

Inkjet technology and the printing flexibility it offers is enabling a rapid growth in industrial and commercial inkjet printing. Modern inkjet print heads can be designed and configured to print on many different substrates, and can prod...

September 9 2014

Keywords: English Particle size Rheology and viscosity Paints, inks and coatings Webinar - Live Eastern Time 

Using rheology to Measure the gelation of proteins Webinar - Live (English)

Sol-gel transitions of proteins can be determined by measuring the kinetics of their viscoelastic material functions. For gelatin, the gel time is a strong function of temperature and the fraction of the helix content of the protein chain...

September 11 2014

Keywords: English Rheology and viscosity Food and drinks Webinar - Live Eastern Time Biopharmaceutical development 
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