As market interest and investment in biopharmaceuticals surges and the requirement for novel, tailored biological drugs continues to grow, the industry is under increasing pressure to ensure delivery of therapies rapidly yet safely.

Biopharmaceutical development and manufacture, focusing on molecules such as monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines and oligonucleotides, are lengthy and complex processes with very specific analytical challenges. We know that in order to successfully deliver a biotheraputic to market it is vital to reduce risk as soon as possible, deliver timely and accurate data and increase efficiency by streamlining processes and easing bottlenecks.

Malvern Instruments provides a growing range of solutions which are focused specifically on your critical path of testing and manufacturing requirements, and which take into account the pressures of time and cost along with such factors as sample availability and complexity. Our analytical toolbox for biopharmaceutical development is expertly tailored to provide tried and trusted solutions such as Viscotek size exclusion chromatographs to assess product purity and the Zetasizer range for sizing and zeta potential analysis for product stability, and also groundbreaking new technologies including the Viscosizer TD to assess bioformulation suitability and stability as early as late stage discovery activity, along with Archimedes and the Nanosight range of instruments to quantify early aggregation in bioformulations.

No one problem or product is the same, and our technical experts are always on hand to provide support and to work with you to find the right solution to your challenge. We pride ourselves on agile technology development, in partnership with our Bioscience Development Initiative. We are constantly looking for the next solution to enable quicker, easier and more useful and meaningful analysis. Together with our customers, we have created a suite of instruments which provide access to a raft of biophysical information on your product, to speed you through characterization studies, formulation development, quality control and beyond.