It is the express policy of Malvern Instruments to fully comply with all applicable export controls including, where applicable, US export and re-export controls. Strict adherence to export control laws is required from every employee and all affiliates.

Failure to comply with export controls could result in civil or criminal penalties, including but not limited to, fines, imprisonment, loss of export privileges, debarment, revocation of previously approved licenses, seizure and forfeiture of goods. Such penalties may be imposed on Malvern Instruments, individuals employed by or otherwise affiliated with Malvern Instruments or any combination thereof. Because of the fundamental importance of complying with all applicable export controls, employees who knowingly violate such controls or this compliance policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including possible discharge from employment.

Malvern Instruments has a designated Export Compliance Officer with primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with all applicable export controls. He/she is also responsible for the development, implementation and updating of a company-wide Export Control System, regularly training employees on export controls, ensuring that products are classified for export control purposes and auditing the company’s compliance with export controls. Any employee aware of or suspecting questionable conduct or potential violations of export control laws should immediately report these concerns to the Export Compliance Officer. Malvern Instruments has an obligation to investigate and address reported concerns; Malvern Instruments does not retaliate against individuals for asking questions, raising concerns about compliance issues or reporting possible misconduct.

Sound export control practices underscore our commitment to ethical business behavior and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.