Malvern Instruments is the world-leading manufacturer of particle characterization systems and has been at the forefront of particle science since the early 70's. We are committed to maintaining this position by working closely with our customers to best understand their developing needs and to create appropriate solutions.
Where new technology is required we will consider strategic partnerships to provide the necessary products and experience. We are keen to leverage the value of such partnerships by providing access to new markets for our partners in exchange for collaborative development of an appropriate solution. We are committed to ensuring that such partnerships provide an equitable return for both parties to ensure a sound long-term foundation to the relationship.

Malvern is also open to approaches from other companies seeking particle characterization solutions as a component of other systems. We can provide modular components of our technology that can be integrated into other systems where this leverages a significant new market opportunity.

We select our alliance partners for their pre-eminent technology and their commitment to similar values. They give us the opportunity to combine their best technology with our own and to produce something that is unique for our customers and therefore extend the commercial reach of both companies.


The laboratory of Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers & Process (C2P2) was created in 2007 as a result of the fusion of the Laboratory for the Chemistry and Processes of Polymerisation (LCPP) and the Laboratory for Surface Organometallic Chemistry (LCOMS).

International Innovative Technologies (IIT) 

IIT is an engineering company that has pioneered the design and manufacture of a new range of high output grinding mills, classifiers and cyclones.


On Line Automated Analyzers and Electronic Control Devices for the Cement and Lime Industry.

Melbourn Scientific 

Melbourn Scientific provides high quality analytical and formulation services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.


Amongst the world's foremost manufacturers of wet grinding/dispersion and dry grinding/classification Equipment.

Outotec Global 

group for technology in metals and minerals processing.


Develops and manufactures the Parsum probe for dry coarse particle measurement.

Postnova Analytics 

Postnova Analytics is the inventor of Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) and offers an innovative platform technology for separation and fractionation of nano- and micro-particles in liquid phase. Postnova’s unique FFF separation systems online coupled with Malvern Zetasizer Nano detectors provide an advanced platform for high-resolution particle characterization.

Proveris Scientific® Corporation

Proveris Scientific accelerates the success of nasal and aerosol drug developers by providing a proven testing protocol, patented instrumentation and methodology, and a software platform that unifies all test methods, data, and analysis. Proveris instruments include Vereo® automated actuation platforms that deliver repeatable, representative operation of manual devices, SprayVIEW® measurement systems for making compendial spray pattern and plume geometry measurements, and Indizo® robotic systems for automated shaking, spraying and weighing of nasal sprays for pump delivery and spray content uniformity measurements.

Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL) 

RSSL is an independent global leader at the forefront of scientific analysis, consultancy, product development and training, serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biopharmaceutical, food, drink and consumer goods industries.


SDTech is an industrial company specialising in the custom micronization and analysis of fine and ultra-fine powders and delivers Process Expert services to various industries.


ARTMiS is an automated real-time milling/micronization system offering exceptional process control and optimal efficiency for low tonnage, high value  applications across the pharmaceuticals, foods, speciality chemicals and personal Sturtevant Inccare industries. (USA ONLY).