The energy and environment sectors rely on materials, whether these are common, such as sand for water treatment, or highly engineered, e.g. complex lithium compounds for the fastest battery technologies. However the performance of these various materials will depend on their physical properties. Material characterization is therefore critical to providing optimized solutions across the energy and environment industry.

Malvern’s systems for particle size, particle shape, rheology, zeta-potential, and molecular weight measurement are widely used throughout the energy industry and environment industry.

Whether you are interested in solids, suspensions, gels, or solutions, Malvern’s systems can help;

  • Increase battery capacity and charging speed.
  • Control the porosity in a fuel cell electrode.
  • Optimize rheology for screen printing in fuel and solar cells.
  • Improve the efficiency of solar cell wafer manufacture.
  • Understand the slurry pumping transport properties for nuclear waste and water treatment.
  • Rapidly determine soil texture.
  • Optimize water treatment protocols.

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