Growing nanomaterials legislation now impacts on sectors including biocides, cosmetics and food labeling.

The most recent implementation (11 July 2013) is European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 requiring cosmetics containing nanomaterials to be thoroughly assessed for safety and notified to the relevant authorities with the particle size and percentage of nanomaterial required for compliance of material data. Further discussions are underway to include the same approach to general chemicals regulation (REACH).

Regulatory developments begin with the definition used for classifying materials as “nanomaterial”. Depending on this definition a particular industry or sector may be required to comply with regulation (data submission or notification).

Is my product a “nanomaterial”? This is the fundamental question which the publication of a definition of nanomaterial by the EU in 2011 went some way towards addressing. But each regulation has its own interpretation.

Malvern offer a range of instruments for the measurement of nanoparticle size that are fast, reliable and simple to use, giving you accurate and reproducible information about your product.

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