Petrochemicals are derived from refined crude oil and are used to produce a range of industrially important materials including organic chemicals, fuels, waxes, polymers and detergents. The petrochemical industry is usually divided into upstream and downstream operations. The upstream sector is associated with recovery and production of crude oil while the downstream sector refers to the refining process and distribution of these materials.

Malvern Instrument’s range of analytical products and expertise can assist both sectors by helping to:

  • Enhance the oil recovery process.
  • Optimize drilling fluid properties in the oil industry.
  • Improve transportation and processing.
  • Measuring materials under in-situ conditions such as high temperature and high pressure.
  • Characterize the physical properties of both crude and refined products.

Both rheology and particle size are used to optimize drilling and hydraulic fracturing fluids (fracking technology).

For complex petrochemical systems, such as oil and water emulsions, particle size is a key material parameter for material performance. Furthermore zeta potential can be used as a direct assessment of the stability of emulsions to ensure samples do not settle nor release suspended material until required.

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