Malvern’s range of rheometers, particle size and particle shape instruments can be used to characterize a wide range of greases and lubricants.

With a rheometer, the lubrication and tribological properties of industrial greases can be measured at differing temperatures and shear conditions, allowing the following to be characterized:

  • Grease sagging
  • Sedimentation resistance
  • Pumping characteristics
  • Thixotropic index
  • Freeze and thaw moduli and temperature
  • Tribology / lubricity.

Particle size analyzers can be used to quantify:

  • Particle size
  • Stability of colloidal lubricant suspensions.

These characteristics can easily be correlated to the samples microstructure, processability and ultimately its in-use performance.

The use of both rheology and particle size together are a powerful tool to help chemists correlate their sample results with formulation changes, leading to an optimized end product.