We recognize the importance of our customers’ requirements to develop robust formulations to provide a bioavailable and stable drug product and our range of complimentary analytical tools are designed to save you time and money in selecting and advancing the optimal dosage form.

Our goal is to assist our customers in providing a range of analytical techniques that can be applied to study a wide range of delivery mechanisms:

  • Solid dosage formulations (capsules, tablets for immediate release or extended release),
  • Semi-solid formulations for oral administration (syrups, suspensions),
  • Sterile liquid dosage formulations (ophthalmic, oral),
  • Injectables (intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous injectables) ,
  • OINDPs (nasal sprays, dry powder inhalers, metered dose inhalers, nebulisers)
  • Topical formulations (creams, gels).

Our understanding of the interoperability of the complimentary methods available for particle size, particle shape, surface charge, rheological and chemical identification measurements is our unique advantage.

Using the Malvern formulation development tool box helps you assess the bioavailability, process-ability, stability and content uniformity of your chosen lead candidate formulation.

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