Malvern’s range of rheometers, particle size, zeta potential and particle shape instruments can be used to optimize your adhesive and sealant formulations.

Rheometers can measure reproducibly at differing temperatures and shear conditions allowing the determination of:

  • Pot life
  • Curing hardness and time
  • Cohesive strength
  • Viscosity before and throughout the curing process
  • Modulus before and throughout the curing process.

Rheometers can be used to simulate a variety of gravure, blade, slot die systems to accurately quantify the coating properties of adhesives and sealants using just small sample volumes.

Particle size analyzers are able to quantify the droplet size of colloidal suspensions and determine how this changes with time and in different processes giving a good indication of a product’s stability.

The use of both rheology and particle size together are powerful tools to help a chemist correlate their sample results with formulation changes, leading to an optimized end product.

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