Each type of fiber has its own unique properties that are taken into account in making a decision for a particular requirement. For example, reinforcing fibers need to have superior mechanical properties, and fibers for apparel/textiles applications would have different requirements from fibers for industrial or medical use.

Prior to making a fiber, the initial choice of a material is governed by a complete suite of material characterization tests to establish baseline properties.

Some of the essential parameters that are measured to characterize a fiber could include:

  • Elongation at break.
  • Recovery from elongation.
  • Modulus of elasticity.
  • Moisture absorbency: 2 - 5%.
  • Zero strength temperature (excessive creep and softening point): above 215°C.
  • High abrasion resistance (varies with type fabric structure).

Rheometry, Imaging (microscope-based technique), GPC, Light Scattering, and DSV, are some of the techniques that can be applied to help in the selecting of a base material and also in subsequent qualification of the fiber.

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