Aerosols and sprays are used as delivery mechanisms in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, personal and domestic, agrochemical, fire suppression, automotive and aerospace. Aerosols and sprays improve surface coating, increase speed of coverage, reduce evaporation time, and target particle deposition.

Malvern’s easy to use particle size, particle shape and rheological instrumentation can be used to characterize aerosol devices and formulations. These systems are supported by Malvern’s industry and applications knowledge and can help you to:

  • Assess atomization dynamics using highly time resolved particle size data.
  • Analyze sprays under real world conditions.
  • Reduce nozzle development times.
  • Optimize spray formulations.
  • Improve accuracy of particle and component deposition.
  • Optimize device and formulation combinations.
  • Control droplet size and break-up characteristics by manipulation of rheological properties.
  • Increase residency times of nasal and throat spray formulations.