Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are essentially cylinders of carbon atoms with a wall only one atom thick and a diameter of a couple of nanometers, but lengths up to several million times their diameter.

One basic problem is assuring the quality and purity of CNT materials. All known techniques for producing these tiny tubes also produce large quantities of nanojunk: simple graphite and carbon soot often encapsulating small metal particles used to catalyze the nanotube synthesis process.

Accurate, reliable and preferably rapid measurement techniques are needed to optimize production processes to create more product and less impurities. These will help to control cleaning and purifying processes and ultimately to improve the confidence of buyers and sellers of CNT materials.

Carbon nanotubes are ideal constituents of specialty polymers, copolymers, polymer composites, electronic materials and biological structures where their outstanding physical properties, such as high strength, exceptional thermal conductivity, and singular electronic properties distinguish them from all other nanomaterials.

Malvern offer a range of instruments that are fast, reliable and simple to use, giving you accurate and reproducible information about your product.

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