A colloid is a system where one state of matter is finely dispersed in another. They typically have dimensions of less than 1 micron resulting in a very high surface-to-volume ratio. Therefore, surface chemistry plays a very important part in the study of colloidal systems.

Long-term colloidal stability is of great importance in a number of industries such as pharmaceutical, personal care, food, ceramics, paints and pigments.

Malvern provide a range of easy to use particle size, zeta potential and rheological instrumentation which can be used to study the properties of colloids across a wide range of industries. These systems and our industry and application knowledge can be used to:

  • Characterize colloidal size and zeta potential in both dilute and concentrated samples
  • Understand the factors influencing colloidal stability
  • Improve the stability and quality of colloidal formulations
  • Understand the microstructure of colloidal systems
  • Simulate processing conditions to evaluate real world performance
  • Ensure optimum product and process performance.

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