Many proteins are naturally conjugated in the body, lipoproteins and glycoproteins being two examples, with the conjugation influencing not only the activity, but also the ultimate destination of the protein.

In vitro conjugation of proteins or small molecules to soluble polymers is being used as a way to alter their biodistribution in the body, which in turn facilitates targeted delivery of the drug and reduces potential drug toxicity, as well as influencing the drug metabolism, which could potentially reduce the necessary dose. Common examples of in vitro conjugation include PEGylated proteins and conjugated vaccines (bacterial polysaccharides conjugated to a protein).

Malvern Instruments technologies can assist with in vitro conjugation studies by:

  • Determining the success rate of the conjugation reaction.
  • Providing quantitative information on the conjugate complex composition.
  • Identifying changes in the conjugate complex thermal and aggregation stability.

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