Emulsions and creams are colloidal systems commonly used in a number of industries including food, pharmaceutical, consumer products, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals. They consist of one phase dispersed in a continuous liquid phase and are thermodynamically unstable.

Malvern provide a range of easy to use particle size, zeta potential and rheological instrumentation which can be used in the study of emulsion and cream systems across a wide range of industries. These systems and our industry and application knowledge can be used to:

  • Reduce emulsion/cream formulation time
  • Optimize emulsion/cream formulations
  • Understand the breakdown of emulsions/creams over time or under stress conditions
  • Investigate the influence of temperature, vibrations (e.g. transportation effects) and time on product performance
  • Optimize product efficacy
  • Improve the stability and quality of emulsion/cream formulations
  • Ensure optimum product and process performance
  • Decrease the time required to bring new materials to market.

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