Properties of films and coatings depend on a large number of parameters. Malvern Instruments provides system to measure various important properties.

  • The Viscotek range of multi-detector SEC/GPC systems provides information on the polymers involved, i.e. molecular mass, distribution, branching and composition.
  • The Zetasizer allows measuring the zeta potential and size of emulsion or dispersion systems. This information is valuable for the prediction of formulation stability.
  • The Kinexus rotational rheometer platform looks at formulation stability from another angle as well as providing tests of rheological properties at various shear, strain and time scales which are important for the application of coating materials.
  • The Rosand range of capillary rheometers can test the materials’ behavior under high shear rates as they occur e.g. during spraying.
  • The Spraytec instrument allows determination of the droplet size distribution of sprays influencing the coating quality.
  • Dilute solution viscometry is a quick, easy and user- and environment-friendly way to measure dilute solution viscosities and derive e.g. intrinsic viscosities of PET or other polymers used for film production.

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