Polysaccharides are polymers sourced from a variety of biological systems for use in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, consumer products, mining and construction and specialty chemicals.

As with synthetic polymers, their bulk physical properties and their effectiveness as materials and additives is critically dependent on molecular properties such as molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity. For instance, molecular weight, structure and substitution levels (e.g. in cellulose derivatives or hyaluronic acid) will all affect viscosity, stability, mouth-feel and other parameters in foods, creams and many other products.

Malvern provides a range of solutions that allow you to measure properties like molecular weight, molecular structure, particle size and shape, solution viscosity and rheological properties. Measuring the molecular properties with multi-detector GPC/SEC brings unique and high-level insights into the processing and grading of these products.

With multi-detector GPC/SEC, it is possible to measure:

  • Hyaluronic acid molecular weight
  • Starch molecular weight
  • Cellulose molecular weight
  • Dextran molecular weight
  • Gum Arabic molecular weight
  • Pectin molecular weight

By measuring the properties of polysaccharides in R&D and quality control environments you can:

  • Monitor consistency of raw materials
  • Optimize formulations and drug delivery
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Enhance product performance
  • Maintain stability of drilling fluids
  • Increase the sustainability of specialist polymers
  • Meet quality requirements

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