Soil is a basic resource for agriculture and a crucial factor in construction, mining and water treatment industries. Soils are classified according to texture which then guides their management and usage. As natural resources both soils and sediments are areas of study for geologists and ecologists where characterization can help to determine the processes the material has undergone and its affects on the environment.

Using Malvern’s instruments the particle size, particle shape, rheology and zeta potential of soil and sediment samples can be easily assessed.

These measurement techniques allow you to:

  • Rapidly determine clay, silt and sand fractions to classify soil texture.
  • Evaluate the transport environment for sediments.
  • Assess potential for contaminant retention within sediments.
  • Assess the potential uptake of ions within a soil.
  • Monitor surface charge (e.g. as part of contaminant removal).
  • Evaluate particle-to-particle interactions.
  • Assess particle packing, porosity and permeability.
  • Evaluate aggregate structures.