Virus characterization is a ubiquitous requirement across a range of applications from prophylactic vaccines, therapeutic vaccines to gene delivery. Irrespective of application, understanding the state of aggregation within a viral preparation provides valuable insight into the biological function as well as long term product stability.

Understanding the state of aggregation within vaccine development may provide valuable insight in downstream processing and process optimization. In addition, virus quantification is crucially important in understanding the potential biological response to a vaccine or gene delivery vector.

Malvern Instruments has a range of tools that can provide insight into your research, downstream processing and production  in a number of ways:

  • Measurement of ‘Total Virus Titer’ in minutes, providing an alternative to expensive, subjective and time consuming infectivity assays.
  • Measuring the state of aggregation within a viral preparation – How many aggregates do I have with respect to my primary population?
  • Detection and measurement of the onset of early stage aggregates within subunit vaccines.
  • Measuring protein and protein complex stability.
  • Measurement of adjuvant size, size distribution and stability.
  • Particle concentration and size measurements of Virus Like Particles (VLP) in minutes.
  • Quantifying composition analysis of conjugated vaccine complexes.
  • Virus identification through fluorescence antibody labeling.

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