Water entering a purification/treatment facility typically contains a wide range of organic, inorganic and bacterial contaminants. Treatment begins with clarification - a process of sedimentation and filtration - to remove suspended particulates. Coagulation accelerates these processes and is enhanced by the addition of chemically charged coagulants.

Malvern provides automated, easy to use laboratory and online systems for measuring the zeta potential of water samples. Zeta potential directly quantifies the likelihood that suspended particles will flocculate, thereby providing guidance for optimal coagulant dosing.

These systems can be used to:

  • Ensure stable plant operation to regulatory requirements by prompting an effective, timely response to changes in water quality
  • Help assess whether more or less coagulant is required for optimal charge neutralization
  • Eliminate coagulant over-dosing thereby minimizing coagulant and sludge disposal costs