The Insitec Spray customized configuration particle size analyzer delivers fully automated real-time - or manual at-line - size measurement of particulates in any continuous or batch spray process. Easily integrated within existing plant, its applications include: condition monitoring in wind tunnels and atmospheric chambers; characterizing domestic aerosols and personal care products; monitoring and control of processes such as spray drying and granulation.

  • Base model hardware manufactured to GAMP5 standards and compatible with CIP/SIP requirements to meet specific manufacturing specifications.
  • Easy-to-use software and fully automated operation to minimize training requirements and release operator time.
  • Integration with existing control platforms to simplify development of automated control protocols.
  • High reliability of >95% with little downtime, minimal maintenance and maximum ROI.
  • Variable path length cell that offers the flexibility to customize to specific application requirements and streamlines integration within an existing unit.