A robust industrial solution that integrates a laser diffraction particle sizing sensor with a fully automated two-stage sampling and concentration control unit to deliver continuous on-line slurry measurement. Used to monitor, control and optimize the performance of thickeners, grinding circuits and froth flotation units, and for QC, the PSI 500 requires no calibration and meets the specific requirements of the minerals and mining sectors, offering:

  • Measurement at three different sampling points using a single unit for maximum system productivity.
  • Fully integrated, automated sample preparation for dependable analysis with minimal manual input.
  • Easy-to-use software and fully automated operation to minimize training requirements and release operator time.
  • Integration with existing control platforms to simplify development of automated control protocols.
  • High reliability of >95% with little downtime, minimal maintenance and maximum ROI.
  • Automatic line flushing and cleaning to ensure high system availability.