An integrated solution that combines a robust laser diffraction particle sizing sensor with fully automated concentration control to deliver continuous on-line (or manual at- or off-line) wet measurement of particulates in continuous or batch processes. This option is used for more concentrated solid-liquid and liquid-liquid streams, with sample dilution closely and automatically controlled via both a pre-diluter and a cascade diluter:

  • Uniform, highly polished surfaces to avoid particle build-up; designed for ease of cleaning.
  • Base model hardware manufactured to GAMP5 standards and compatible with CIP/SIP requirements to meet specific manufacturing specifications. Options for validation and 21 CFR part 11.
  • Easy-to-use software and fully automated operation to minimize training requirements and release operator time.
  • Integration with existing control platforms to simplify development of automated control protocols.
  • High reliability of > 95% with little downtime, minimal maintenance and maximum ROI.
  • Intrinsically safe version available for hazardous zoned environments.