The UV/Visible Curing System is designed to work with a Peltier Cylinder cartridge with a UV/Visible transparent plate insert.

  • Quick-connect engagement and release mechanism for light guide and UV mechanics combined with a ‘plug and play’ cylinder cartridge
  • UV/Visible Curing System uses an Omnicure® S2000 XLA Spot Cure Unit light source with Liquid Light Guide 
  • Radiometer R2000 can be used with the OmniCure® S2000 system to set irradiance levels and calibrate the system from a single reference point
  • Plate insert contains a removable UV/Visible Transparent Borosilicate Glass plate
  • Temperature range is 5°C to 170°C (80°C with light guide attached)
  • Dedicated Solvent trap assembly with matt black light absorbing inner shells and purge gas attachment
  • UV triggering is controlled and intensity monitored directly through rSpace software