OMNISEC software’s workflow based interface makes it quick and intuitive to adopt. It guides the user through instrument and sequence setup, data acquisition and analysis simply and easily.

OMNISEC software contains many convenient and productive features to improve productivity for the analysis of polymers, polysaccharides and proteins. Its advanced features include:

  • Absolute molecular weight and molecular weight distribution
  • Intrinsic viscosity and molecular conformation
  • Overlay multiple injections
  • Statistical analysis of multiple injections
  • Mark-Houwink plots
  • Manual or fully automatic baseline setting and peak detection
  • One click from raw data to results
  • Proven asymmetric band broadening corrections
  • Built-in, intuitive report designer
  • Automatic determination of dn/dc, or UV extinction coefficient
  • Integrated help system to guide users
  • Full export capability of raw data, results and intermediate calculations

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