OMNISEC is a powerful tool for taking control of the performance, quality and value of your product, whether that’s a synthetic polymer in industry, a natural polymer or polysaccharide used in food or pharmaceutical products, or a protein or antibody used in biopharmaceuticals.

As a research tool, it accelerates research into these molecules by providing absolute information for a wide range of applications making it an ideal tool for universities. It reduces service expense and downtime and increases productivity with easy-to-use intuitive software.

With OMNISEC you can…Of…
Control strength, toughness, durability, brittleness, processability and branchingPolystyrene, nylon, PET, PVC, polyester, nitrocellulose, resins, epoxys, polyurethanes, PVA
Measure degradation and drug delivery ratesPLA, PLGA, PEG, polycaprolocatone
Grade natural polymers and polysaccharidesAlginates, xanthans, Gum Arabic, starch derivatives (e.g. maltodextrin), cellulose derivatives (e.g. HEC), carageenan, gelatin, guar gum, chitosan, hyaluronic acid
Control formulation viscosityAlkyds, acrylics, polyurethanes, polyesters, resins, epoxys, PVA,
Control food mouth-feel and gellingPectins, alginates, xanthans, Gum Arabic, guar gum, starch derivatives (e.g. maltodextrin), carageenans
Assess and predict activity by measuring molecular weightProteins, antibodies, mAbs
Predict and understand immunogenicity and efficacyAggregates of proteins, biopharmaceuticals, biologics and mAbs
Control half-life, cell permeability and understand crystallization of protein conjugatesPEGylated proteins, membrane proteins, antibody-drug-conjugates