Extrudate cutter accessories combined with die swell measurement.

  • Prevent gravitational extension and thinning of the extrudate diameter during die swell measurement.
  • Die Cutter periodically cuts extrudate by shearing a blade across the die exit face (RH2000 only).
  • Die Cutter uses special dies with exit faces flush with bottom of capillary barrel.
  • Blade assembly designed for easy removal for access to the die.
  • Melt Cutter periodically cuts extrudate strand below die swell measurement unit with a scissor action.
  • Automatic cutting action triggered when extrudate strand reaches the level of a sensor.
  • Reflectance sensor as standard, with option of ultrasonic sensor for low reflectance samples.
  • Malvern recommend that samples are tested to ensure cutter compatibility with a particular material type and application requirement – contact us for more information.