The Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 is a modular multi angle light scattering detector that can easily be used with any existing SEC system, adding the power of light scattering detection for molecular weight and molecular size measurements. It can also be purchased as part of a complete system package. The signals from the SEC-MALS and other detectors connected to the system are analyzed by the most advanced GPC software available, OmniSEC.

The SEC-MALS 20 can be used to measure the absolute molecular weight and oligomeric state of proteins, independent of retention time. It can also be used to analyse natural and synthetic polymers, including the measurement of molecular size over the widest possible range.

The SEC-MALS 20 is part of a range of Viscotek light scattering detectors offering maximum choice of system from a single supplier.

  • Up to 20 angles for more accurate results
  • Measure absolute molecular weight and Rg
  • Can be combined with any existing SEC system
  • A single powerful software package to control the system and analyse data - OmniSEC
  • Vertical flow cell with advanced radial optics for improved performance
  • Stable and sensitive low angle detectors improve accuracy
  • Small footprint