The HT-GPC system includes a high temperature RI, for use as a concentration detector, a light scattering detector for absolute molecular weight determination and a viscometer for intrinsic viscosity determination and branching. All of these detectors are optionally so the system can be customized to conventional and universal calibration systems. It also features a temperature controlled column chamber and automated filtering of the sample at high temperature, to ensure safe handling.

  • Dual piston pump optimized for HT-GPC, with extremely low pulsation and stable eluent flow to improve detector performance.
  • Temperature controlled environment for up to 7 columns, injector and up to three detectors. Operates up to 160°C
  • Automated sample preparation using the Vortex autoprep/autosampler. Operates up to 170°C with no user intervention, making the system safe, accurate and productive.
  • Automated sample filtration reduces the number of preparation steps - only the sample injected on the column is filtered, which avoids bulk filtration and improves lab safety (no manual handling of hot solvents).
  • High sensitivity viscometer, with unrivalled baseline stability and the widest application flexibility.
  • Digital Inert Transducer (DIT) technology for faster, more sensitive response.
  • Unique 7° Low Angle (LALS) detector measures the absolute MW directly without data fitting, extrapolation or correction.
  • 90° Right Angle (RALS) detector provides the best signal to noise ratio and the highest sensitivity for small molecules.
  • Accurate measurement of the polymer concentration using a refractive index detector.

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