The Zetasizer NanoSampler can accommodate up to 96 sample vials, accurately delivering up to 3 sequential aliquots of each sample into the Zetasizer Nano for automated particle size or molecular size measurements. All operation remains within the easy-to-use Zetasizer software using the simple Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) interface. The NanoSampler is delivered complete with the software, analysis cell and fittings to attach to the Zetasizer Nano instrument.

  • Automated measurements reduces operator bias and improves laboratory efficiency
  • Unattended multi-variate analysis simplifies exploration of the effect of key formulation parameters
  • Compatible with any Zetasizer Nano for measurement of size
  • Automates reproducibility studies
  • Improved sample throughput
  • Reduced operator time
  • Maximizes the return on your Zetasizer investment
  • Simple change over from automated to manual measurements

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