Laser micrometer apparatus to provide extrudate diameter measurement close to die exit.

  • Single axis die swell option suitable for most applications, which measures the extrudate diameter in a fixed direction which is radial with respect to the die axis.
  • Dual axis die swell option also available to measure the extrudate diameter using two pairs of laser micrometers which are aligned with their axes of measurement perpendicular to each other.
  • Standard or high resolution laser micrometer options.
  • Swing arm mount used to enable convenient rheometer operation when the die swell accessory is not in use.
  • Self-aligning and height adjustable mounting.
  • Direct interface with the Rosand control software and die swell readings stored as part of the measurement data file.
  • Die swell data can be plotted as a function of shear rate and the die L/D ratio.
  • Die swell accessories are compatible with extrudate cutting options (Melt Cutter or Die Cutter).