The MPT-2 is an accessory for the Zetasizer Nano that provides extensive automation for a number of measurements that are routinely required when characterizing the size and zeta potential of dispersed particles and molecules.

Both the size and zeta potential can be measured in sequence as part of the automated titration.

pH is one of the main influences of the zeta potential of materials, so measuring zeta potential as a function of pH, and the determination of the isoelectric point are often required. Automating this improves productivity by proving a complete measurement using a stored method.

Conductivity is also measured, and automation can speed up the determination of whether ions in a formulation are specifically or non-specifically bound.

The same automation can be extended to study the effect of the concentration of additives such as surfactants and polyelectrolytes, and there is a dilution function to study the effect of dilution on the size and zeta potential of the sample.

  • Complete automation of pH, conductivity and additive titrations.
  • Simplify titrations by running a standard method.
  • Improve productivity through hands off operation.
  • Size and zeta potential measurement at each point (Zetasizer Nano ZSP and ZS only).
  • 3 syringe dispensing units for the titration of acids, bases, salts and other dissolved aqueous additives.
  • Software integrated with the Zetasizer Nano.
  • Color coding of titrants in software and hardware simplifies operation.
  • Magnetic stirrer to ensure complete mixing.
  • Use with a titrant autodegasser unit (DEG0003) is recommended to give evenly spaced pH points.